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4285 Pine Drive, Little River, South Carolina

North Strand American Legion Post 186




General Meeting March 4th, 2017


Stacy Anderson with woodman of the world addressed the assembly. Presented a flag to the Commander.

Flag salute, Chaplin invoked the prayer placement of the Pow/Mia flag.  Pledge of Allegiance, reciting of the Preamble to the constitution of the American Legion.

Awards presented to two people for 50 year continuous years of membership in the American Legion.  Presentation to 3 members two of which has 50 years of continuous years Louis Bremmer & Robert Dangle membership with the American Legion and one with 70 years Hugh Bovert.

Opening prayer Roll Call, placement of the POW/MIA flag, pledge of allegiance, reading of the minutes.

Gate at the bar is installed and the reason for it is to keep that corner open so the bartenders can get out without people blocking their exit.

Mentioned the gun raffle and the types of rifles available that tickets are now available through the bar tender or any of the officers with keys to the safe(Commander acting Finance Manager or Adjutant.) for $25.00 each winnings  & can be picked up in Columbia. 

Minutes from executive meeting read.


Old business - Spoke about the Valentine dance and placed a new metal bar at the end of the bar.  Yesterday Chaplin and Commander by Roe Sigma Society folks from all over the country were in attendance.

April 1st Golf Tournament cancelled that was to raise money in West Va that was wiped out during a flood last year. We did send a $1000. To help get them restarted.

Adjutant 13000.  In Canteen account.   Discussion about the SAL saving acct not being seen on statement.  Lex was here last night and borrowed Len Dallas equipment and they were both here so we got two for the price of one.  Sold 86 dinners and the bar did well. Up coming events Live performers every weekend on Friday to go with the seafood and more menu. Be sure to bring your wife and your dancing shoes.  It is a great time.

Activities there is a fund raiser for Mark Cannito to become Southern National Vice Commander Dinner to be Lasagna with all the trimmings for $12.00.  We are instituting a Thirsty Thursday which will entail all rail drinks and wine will be $2.00 and Draft beer will be $1.50 all day long.  Saturday’s after 4:00 we will have a Happy Hour with the same prices till close at 10:00 PM.

Bingo- Good month averaging $1000.00 a week and have $6000. in sales Pd $640 toward the mortgage for two months we are averaging 65 people on Wednesday and Sunday afternoon Bingo. Sunday Bingo will revert back to 6:00 PM on April 1.  The snowbirds have left and there are few people in attendance on Sundays after that happens.

A question was raised about lunches on Wednesday having to wait while the bingo food was being prepared.  That was true when there was only one cook dealing with the lunches it has been resolved by us hiring a second cook.

Question was raised about running out of food on particular nights .  That was addressed with the cook and was asked to figure what he thinks we should have and increasing it by 25%.

Membership-696 pd goal is 743 We are actively trying to get more members by contacting those that live in the area that have been members.

Last year at the St Patrick Parade we gained four members simply by passing out info on why you should belong.  Other upcoming activities are the Blue Crab Festival an Open House in May in conjunction to the car show being held next door.

1St Vice  Bingo is being advertise in 3 newspapers.  Need a week lead time for info to go into the papers.

Chaplin- Honor Guard members needed down to three active members.  Concert arranged for May 7th and on the 8th is a dinner dance with band.  Nominating committee. Sell Raffle tickets. Talk them up with church or any groups that you are a member. Sat Mar 25 Flag burning with Boy Scouts 10:00 AM Harleys Road House on Rte 9.

Bartenders are handling tickets for gun raffle.

Volunteers- volunteers needed to strip floors would save us $2400.  The last time that is what we paid.

Need date to do floors

Memorial Ceremonies is being done by the VFW because the Elks would not let the go back to the cemetery you can hand out brochures. We will Do Veterans day.

We are going to replace computer so it can communicate with cash register computer.  Cost will be around $1000.00.

The state convention is June 2-4th St Patty’s day next weekend trailer you can ride or walk

Sons will do a pig roast next month we will have A BAND

Blue Crab Festival is a great opportunity to sign up to the post

The car show will be the 6th of May we will have an open house let folk see what is going on here.

The Flag ceremony is the 25th at Harleys Road House

with the Boy Scouts.

VFW is charging $8.00 for their breakfast.  Suggested anyone handling money be bonded.

Stew Koontz was introduced and acknowledged.  He mentioned the importance of selling tickets and membership and we are ahead of the curve with a 91% rating at present.

Mentioned that the mortgage has more money going to the principal than ever before currently the balance is around $319,000  and having it refinanced at a lower rate we are saving a few hundred each month.

The Boy Scout are in need of cash to replace their trailer they use to store equipment theirs has had it.  They are trying to raise $3000.00  to that end.  If you can make a donation that would be great.

Boy’s State is coming up and has to be done by the end of March.  Monday is meeting with a counselor to send info out to the kids and looking for recommendations.

Turtle has a golf outing for $100.00  in June.  Auxiliary is having theirs March 18th and is almost sold out.  They are going to have an open bar for 2 hours as well as lunch.  The 15th of March at 10:00 the JROTC at North Myrtle Beach High School is having an Inspection where they pass in review and their drill squad does a fantastic job.  It is free and well worth attending.

Chaplin read the final prayer. Closing statements. Salute the flag and meeting ajorned at 11:45


Respectfully Submitted,

Lee Glembot




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