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4285 Pine Drive, Little River, South Carolina

North Strand American Legion Post 186






This has been one of my toughest Chaplain letters I have had to write.  You will see why as you read it.  Five years of serving my brothers and sisters has made it a rewarding venture, but I must do what's best for my bride.


Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter, April 2019

Dear members of Post 186,

This is my final letter as your Chaplain, unless God shows me something that would change this decision. As many of you are aware, my wife, Arlene, had a major medical event and now is in a Rehab learning how to walk again. Her need for me to be alongside takes precedence over the duties as Chaplain. I cannot meet your needs when she is needing me. I have also past the baton on the Palmetto Boys State chairman position, and resigned from my position on the Board of our H.O.A. These decisions have not been easy because God gave me gifts to meet each position with the attention needed to guide them successfully.  The toughest of these is being Chaplain, knowing I was called to Ministry.  I want you to know I will always be available as time permits to listen to your needs and officiate for funerals and weddings if your new Chaplain needs my help.  Please be as supportive of the new person who steps up to serve this honorable position. It is a large responsibility serving the 850+ members. A great deal goes on behind the scenes. I have been honored to serve you over the past five years.  I trust my letters have caused you to ponder your own life and search for answers when you sense an emptiness in your heart that can only be filled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I have taught you the salvation message that requires you to pray the sinner’s prayer.  If you want to provide a gift for me as I leave my post, the gift above all gifts would be to know you are right with God.  Here’s the prayer:

“Father, I know I’m a sinner.  I ask You to forgive me and make me the kind of person You want me to be. I accept Your Son, Jesus Christ, as my personal Savior, and ask Him to send the Holy Spirit to fill my soul so I might know You.  I accept Your unconditional love and the wisdom from You to guide my life. Make Your Word (bible) come alive. Thank you, Father.”

I love all of you as my brothers and sisters.  As we serve God and Country, let us now honor THE Commander-in-Chief, the Alpha and Omega, the Great I Am.

Blessings and honor and glory to the Father, I am


Rev. Bill Stewart



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