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4285 Pine Drive, Little River, South Carolina

North Strand American Legion Post 186

Post 186 – Chaplain’s letter, April, 2017

This month had a unique occurrence.  Passover and Easter overlapped. Do you know that the celebration of Passover points to Jesus?  The parallels are unique, and it has brought many Jews to the acceptance of Christ.  They become messianic Jews, believers in the Messiah.  

Let me share what happened to Arlene and I as we sat beside the pool of the swim club where we had become members.  Arlene was reading (at that time) a trash novel and a lady sitting next to us opened a conversation. “What are you reading?” After sharing the title of her novel, this led to Arlene asking, “what are you reading”.  Her response was “the bible”.  She then asked us, “are you attending church anywhere.” We responded, “no, we’re no longer going anywhere”.  She then invited us to her church in Wayne, PA called “The Church of the Savior”.  For some reason, I said, “OK, where is it, and when does the service start”?  She told us, and we attended that Sunday.  Her name was Phyllis Fine.  Her husband Lee, was with her when they met us at church.  They were Messianic Jews, attending a non-denominational church which they help pioneer with six other couples. At that time, there were 1200 members.  One of the founding couples was Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. DeMoss.  He started the “National Liberty Corp., a life insurance company, in the Valley Forge area. He was a millionaire who said, “I could build this church, but then it would be seen as my church”.  Instead, he provided some seed money, and the church became self-supporting.  A humble man who set an example that what you give to the church should never give you the mindset that you own a portion. 

How are you doing in your church walk?  Walking towards the Lord; walking sideways trying to figure Him out; or walking away because you had a bad experience at a church?  If your focus is not vertical, you see man’s plans, because he’s horizontal. There’s a song titled, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”. Part of the lyrics says this: “and the things of the world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace”.  

To finish my story, Arlene and I were attending church, but we had not accepted Christ at the headship of our lives.  Only when the world was coming down around my ears did I cry out for help.  Yes, our Messianic friends pointed us toward a friend who was with “Campus Crusades Executive Ministries”.  Since I was a “Nursing Home Administrator”, they thought he would be better able to relate to me.  He came to our home, and sat and listened.  By the end of our conversation, he shared the “four Spiritual Laws”, which offer an opportunity to accept Christ into our lives.  Both Arlene and I did this in June of 1979. Has the path been easy?  No, but I now have Someone who knows the direction I should go if I ask. How’s your path in life?  “Let go, and Let God”.

Blessings fellow Veterans. I’ve got your six in prayer.


Sick call as of April 25, 2017

Larry Reid; “Sarg”; Harry Rosensteel

Taps as of April 25, 2017

Roswell M. Wolfe; Richard W. Christie

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